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Free Sporting Goods » Free boat trailer (12" boat aprox)


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July 31, 2011 at 3:48 PM


I have a rusty boat trailer (it's really solid though) currently holding. 4.2m sailboat but I think it's designed for those flatter-hulled aluminum boats. (or flatter hulled boats in general)
It's unlicensed, And the lights on it dont work - but you can have have it free :) it will be a nice trailer with a bit of tlc. 

I never use it so it's just a pain in the butt for me right now - it came free with my sailboat. And it's only rusty because the previous owner used to submerge it to launch the boat. 

If you want it please call: 604-842-6415. If yours free at Kitsilano yacht club if you are interested. (arrange a meeting with me first though) I'm planning to chop it into scrap metal and dump it otherwise. 

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